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Adrian Belew (
Adrian Belew (born December 23, 1949, in Covington, Kentucky) is a musician and vocalist perhaps best known for his work as a guitarist for the progressive rock group King Crimson, which he joined in 1981. He was discovered by Frank Zappa playing Rolling Stones covers in a Holiday Inn lounge band. He is known for experimenting with various guitar effect pedals and the guitar synthesizer. A trademark of his style is using the tremolo arm (whammy bar), garnering him the nickname "The Twangbar King."

Belew has contributed to four Nine Inch Nails albums: The Downward Spiral, The Fragile, Ghosts I–IV and Hesitation Marks. He was originally confirmed as a touring member of Nine Inch Nails for their 2013-2014 tour, but exited the lineup before the tour started.[1]

On November 15, 2007, he reported on his blog about being invited to perform on what would become Ghosts I-IV:

"and the whole day just got better...

when I received a call from Trent Reznor
asking me to work with him on new music
in L.A. for the first week of december.

trent has always championed my playing.
he once said in Guitar Player Magazine
"adrian is the most awesome musician in the world."
I've always joked that it was a typo
and that he really said the most awful musician.

but it is seriously a mutual admiration.
in my opinion, no one makes better sounding records than trent.
I love what he does and I'm happy he feels the same.


Body Of Work

King Crimson

  • Discipline (1981)
  • Beat (1982)
  • Three Of A Perfect Pair (1984)
  • Vrooom (1994)
  • Thrak (1995)
  • B'Boom (1995)
  • Construktion Of Light (2000)
  • The Power To Believe (2003)

Solo Albums

  • Lone Rhino (1983)
  • Twang Bar King (1984)
  • Desire Caught By The Tail (1986)
  • Mr. Music Head (1989)
  • Young Lions (1990)
  • Desire of the Rhino King (1991)
  • Inner Revolution (1992)
  • Here (1994)
  • The Guitar As Orchestra: Experimental Guitar Series, Vol. 1 (1995)
  • Acoustic Adrian Belew (1995)
  • Op Zop Too Wah (1997)
  • Belew Prints: The Acoustic Adrian Belew, Vol. 2 (1998)
  • Salad Days (1998)
  • Coming Attractions (2000)
  • Raven Songs 101 (2004)
  • Side One (2005)
  • Side Two (2005)
  • Side Three (2006)
  • e (2009)

Other Albums

External Links

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